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Waxing vs Laser Hair Removal

Do you know how much you spend per year waxing to get rid of unwanted hair? Did you know that the cost of Laser treatment to get rid of unwanted hair is cheaper than waxing, less painful, quicker, and PERMANENT. Waxing Example: - $25 average cost per waxing treatment for underarm hair removal - Average frequency, once every 2-weeks - Cost per year is $650...REPEATING every year!

Laser Hair Removal Example: - $70 average cost per treatment - Average number of treatments for PERMANENT hair "reduction" is 6 treatments - Cost for PERMANENT hair "reduction: is $ cost! (Note, touch-ups may be required every 5-6 years)

WOW...that's amazing!!

But, be careful! Not every Laser can achieve the same result - pay attention to the clinic you choose and the Laser technology they employ (read the prior blog on Laser vs IPL).

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